octubre 15

Terri DellaMaria

I LOVED Letra Hispánica!!!!!!!

I participated in a «beginning Spanish» class in June 2015 at Letra Hispánica in Salamanca, Spain, and I cannot begin to express my gratefulness for the quality, enthusiasm and professionalism of each of the instructors I was fortunate enough to learn from. The grammar lessons were outstanding and relevant and I thoroughly enjoyed our instructor’s techniques for using skills we did have, knowledge of French language in my case, to draw and build a foundation to learn the basics of Spanish. The cultural lessons were extremely relevant to our visit….foods and shopping in the grocery store, money, restaurant ordering, birthdays and unusual customs – such as gift giving/acceptance. The use of videos and the white board and role playing were perfect tools to learn the lessons and stay engaged. I really could go on and on…I truly adored each instructor, their styles and enthusiastic persistence in making sure they shared information and helped in every way to encourage our learning and knowledge of the Spanish language and customs.

I would return to Letra Hispánica in a heartbeat! Awesome experience!

P.S. I want any of them to travel to Wisconsin to look me up so I can visit with them or have them stay in my home on their U.S. visits!