octubre 15

Tana Tchida

My name is Tana Tchida and I am currently studying to become a Spanish Teacher. I participated in a Study Abroad experience through my university, Montana State University Billings. I believe that I couldn’t have gone to a better Spanish speaking city than Salamanca. I also know that my learning experience wouldn’t have been as beneficial had I not studied at Letra Hispánica. The whole school feels like a big family. I had the best professors, they were friendly, passionate, extremely experienced in their subjects, and always willing to help.

The school director, Ada, and the secretary, Maria, took care of me like I was a part of their own families. My Spanish skills sky-rocketed and I fell in love with Spanish Culture. Letra takes you on cultural tours of the city and helps you immerse yourself. I met some of my best friends while studying in Salamanca and through language exchanges that the school set up for me. I also lived with a host family and can not imagine having ever lived anywhere else, my host mom is an angel. I am very grateful that I had such a wonderful experience; the staff at Letra Hispanica made sure of that! I was able to take my Spanish skills to the next level while making life-long friends and family.