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Letra Hispánica offers a wide range of Spanish language & culture courses to meet every student’s learning needs

All our courses have been designed and developed by qualified teachers specialized in the field of the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE). The courses aim to provide the students the skills and knowledge needed to satisfactorily being able to communicate in Spanish according to their level.

The contents of each course are armonised with the reference framework created by the European Council (European Common Framework of Reference for Languages, 2001), and elaborated so they can meet every student’s learning needs, ranging from the levels A1 to C2. On a regular basis, all the courses have 20 weekly hours, this is, four weekly hours usually in the mornings. The lessons are 55 minutes each (UNE-EN 14804:2006).

The methodology developed by the Letra Hispánica’s teaching staff is oriented to the action, to practice everything learnt at the classroom by getting engaged in real-life situations and signifying contexts. This communicative learning method conditions the lessons ongoing, which is highly focused on cover the students’ needs. The lectures at school are completed by out-of-academy activities and guided lessons with the teachers in various parts of the city.

Our teaching staff elaborates and selects the materials given to the students at lessons, picking those that are more convenient for each group or student. The resources thus employed range from realia materials, to newspapers, articles, textbooks or student handbooks, never to mention our very own materials, created for general or particular purposes.

At the end of the course, the students will be given a certificate of completion if their evaluation is positive, and a certificate of attendance if it is required and provided the student has attended to a minimum 90% of the lessons.

Spanish Courses

Our Spanish language courses have been conceived for students all levels, both groups and individuals, and vary in length according to each student’s needs.

For Groups

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En nuestros cursos online ofertamos tutorías personalizadas para reforzar el aprendizaje del alumno mediante prácticas orales y resolución de dudas.

Spanish Language & Culture School

School of Spanish Language & Culture / we are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes with more than fifteen years of experience in fulfilling and satisfying the needs of our partners and students.