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Getting to Salamanca is easy, but it you wish, we can make it even easier for you. Read about here or contact us for more information about our transfer services.

Letra Hispánica offers the possibility of arranging a transport means to and from the airport for individual students (more info), and for groups. This private transportation can be organized for groups, which can be beneficial base on certain situations and needs. In addition, the most convenient route for the trip can be taken allowing for stops along the way at historical sites and monuments.

These services are arranged by Letra Hispánica and comes with licensed professionals as guides from the sector. The prices, especially for groups, can vary and must be booked well in advance via Letra Hispánica.

The transfer services available for students coming alone or in small groups up to four people are:

  • Accompaniment Service: Through Letra Hispánica, students can opt for an accompaniment service. A member of a specialized transport company will receive the student at the airport and will oversee all transactions in choosing the best means of transportation to Salamanca. This person is also in charge of purchasing the tickets. Upon the student´s arrival to Salamanca, another professional will receive and transport them to the designated accommodation. The cost of this service is € 160 (tickets included).
    Service managed by Letra Hispánica.
  • Private Driver: There is the possibility for students who wish to arrive to Salamanca via a private transport service from the airport or the destination indicated by the student. Prices vary depending on the number of people and the pick-up point.
    Service managed by Letra Hispánica.
  • Private Bus: For groups, the most convenient option is always to hire a private bus. This service is 100% flexible in terms of schedules and routes. Prices vary depending on the number of occupants, pick-up point and itinerary.
    Service managed by Letra Hispánica.

For more information, take a look at our prices page or contact us directly.

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