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Out-of-Academy Activities & Excursions

Letra Hispánica’s courses and programmes are completed with out-of-academy activities and excursions to cities and places nearby, allowing the students to round up their linguistic immersion experience in a lively way.


Letra Hispánica organizes round-day and half-day excrusions to cities and places of interest. This activity is open to all and every student, individuals or groups, regardless of their level or the duration of their programmes.

Day-round trips

On the weekends, Letra Hispánica’s students have the opportunity to visit nearby, interesting cities, such as Ávila, with its magnificent medieval walls, Segovia and its aqueduct or Toledo, city of the three cultures; all declared world Heritage sites by the UNESCO. Other popular destinations are Madrid, with a vast cultural and leisure offer, the lovely towns in the Salamanca’s Mountain Range (La Alberca, Mogarraz), or Aveiro (PT), with its beautiful old town, channels and long, sandy beaches.

Half-day trips

There is also the possibility of organizing shorter trips (half-day excursions). These are especially recommended for stays under a week or for those groups willing to maximize their stay in Spain or to squeeze their time in Salamanca. The most popular destinations for half-day excursions are Zamora, the city of Ciudad Rodrigo or some of the stables and breeding horses and bull farms in the Campo Charro.

Linguistic Exchanges

Linguistic Exchanges

Introducing new people is the perfect way of practicing and using your Spanish. In Letra Hispánica, we put our students in contact with local people sharing their age and interest in order to fortify and prompt what is learnt at class. Those interested students must contact the staff at secretary.

Out-of-Academy activities

The activities we offer our students are intended to complete their course and their experience in Salamanca and Letra Hispánica. In general, the activities are done in Spanish according to the level of the students that attend. However, it can also include specific explanations or activities in other languages if required. Below are the options that are offered, both cultural and recreational.

Sightseeing Tours

This is the best way to get to know Salamanca and its places of interest. Accompanied by tour guides and qualified staff of Letra Hispánica, students can discover the city through our guided and extensive tours. From the most iconic monuments and buildings, to the photographic tours and the discovery of Salamanca´s mysteries and legends, surely the students will not be the same after learning more about this wonderful city.

The Useful Route

So as not to get lost in Salamanca, our guides offer students a useful tour of the city, showing them all the most common yet useful places of interest necessary when living in a new city such as the pharmacies, supermarkets, post office, police …, et-cetera.

Visits to Museums and Exhibitions

With all that the museums of Salamanca have to offer, we cannot pass up the opportunity to take our students to the best rooms in the city. Places like the art-deco and art nouveau museum Casa Lis, the Da2 contemporary art museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, Ieronimus and the Cathedral Towers, and much more make up a long list of options for all to enjoy.

“Español en Vivo”

Accompanied by Letra Hispánica teachers, students can attend some on-site lessons in different locations in Salamanca. The teaching methodology for these activities follows the classic structure of in class preparation, on-site activities, followed by recap and discussion in class

“La letra sobre la piedra”

Also accompanied by Letra Hispánica teachers, students can enjoy Salamanca’s extensive literary legacy through a dramatized route of the main landmarks of the city, such as the Huerto de Calixto and Melibea, the boar of El Lazarillo de Tomes or the statue of Fray Luís de León.

More activities

  • Tapas Evening: One of the most traditional and most Spanish activities; no cultural immersion is complete without enjoying the wide variety of delicious Spanish gastronomy.
  • Dance Classes: Perhaps the most applauded activity by the students, the Latin or flamenco dance classes are a great way to spend the afternoon with classmates.
  • Chocolate and Churros Tasting: Another milestone of our gastronomy, exported to the world; Chocolate with churros can be eaten at any time of the year and is always enjoyed.  .

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