Spanish Politycal System

The Incomplete Transtition to Democracy

Discover the context, evolution and consequences of the most important episode in Spanish recent history, and that have marked its path since then.

1 week
20 sessions (55 ’) per week
Level B1 or higher


This programme aims to provide students with the historical references and scopes needed to understand the social and political changes in Spain during the last decades, as well as the main characters that played an important role during the process. The focus of the sessions will be put onto two crucial moments; the dissolution of the francoist dictatorship and the transition to a democratic regime, highlighting the Suárez government era and the problematic consensus for signing the 1978 Spanish Constitution, and; the current crisis of the two-party system and the positioning of the traditionally nationalist Catalonian and Basque territories as the consequence of leaving some untied ends during the transition, namely the long-forgotten debates on Republic v. Monarchy and the “open” model for the Autonomies.

Recommended for

  • University students
  • History and Hispanic Culture professionals
  • Any other interested adult

Included in the course

  • Lodging (with Spanish host family, single room, full-board, six nights)
  • Out-of-Academy activities
  • Classroom materials
  • Certificate of completion


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The Incomplete Transtition to Democracy

650 €

1 week