Hispanic poetry in the virtual world

The Digital Avant-Garde

The contemporary poetic production is marked by the new creative spaces and means of expression. With this course, you can take a closer look to them and understand the new outbreaking tendencies.

1 week
20 sessions (55 ’) per week
Level B1 or higher


This program presents a meaningful overview of the main poetical expressions of the digital era as a projection of the Avant-Garde postulates and solutions. Thus, digital creations’ desire for innovation, search of new languages, the need for an active reader, playful pose or cutting-edge aestheticism, are now embodied within the use of new tools and technologies. Accordingly, the contents of this programme are focused on the definition of avant-garde in our present context, the various poetical genres linked to the digital world (hipertextual, computing, and multimedia poetry, holo-poetry, and other hybrid approaches), and the new possibilities that emerge for poetry and the significance of the new poetical paradigm.

Recommended for

  • University students
  • Language, Literature, and Hispanic Culture professionals
  • People into new forms of expression and creativity
  • Any other interested adult

Included in the course

  • Lodging (with Spanish host family, single room, full-board, six nights)
  • Out-of-Academy activities
  • Classroom materials
  • Certificate of completion


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Hispanic poetry in the virtual world

650 €

1 week