El quijote

Monographic Course on El Quijote

A deep glance into the literary figure of Don Quixote, its creator, Miguel de Cervantes, and the historical, cultural and creative context in which was conceived the most iconic character of the first novel ever.

1 week
20 sessions (55 ’) per week
Level B1 or higher


Students taking this 20-hour course will be introduced to the main features of The Quixote (genre, plot, characters, language, style…) and to deepen in the reasons of its capital importance in both Spanish and worldwide literary production. We will come to know about Cervantes, his life, and what role the historical context he lived in played into his works. We also discover the impact that The Quixote had in its time and later, both in Spanish and Universal Literature. Finally, we will attend to The Quixote as a source of inspiration for the arts throughout time, to its presence in the digital media, and to the now still valid human values and critic to society the work presents to readers.

Recommended for

  • University students
  • Literature and Hispanic culture professionals

Included in the course

  • Lodging (with Spanish host family, single room, full-board, six nights)
  • Out-of-Academy activities
  • Classroom materials
  • Certificate of completion


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Monographic Course on El Quijote

650 €

1 week