Films & The Civil War

Films & The Civil War

Introduction to the evolution of the most important social conflict in Spain’s recent history through the looking glass of the contemporary audiovisual production.

1 wekk
20 sessions (55 ’) per week
Level B1 or higher


With this 20-hour introduction to the Spanish Civil War trough audiovisual Spanish productions, we seek to provide the students with a summarized though broad perspective of the social evolution during the years of the War and the multiple perspectives and ideologies that the conflict has been seen through. Additionally, we aim to boost a reflection process on the picture that Spanish movies take of the Spanish society and customs, as well as appealing to the students’ critical thinking. This course is completed with the screening of capital works that will offer the pupils a complete tour to understand the importance of the Spanish Civil War, its impact on society and the personal perspectives of the main Spanish filmmakers.

Recommended for

  • University students
  • Audiovisual, History and Hispanic Culture professionals
  • Any other interested adult

Included in the course

  • Lodging (with Spanish host family, single room, full-board, six nights)
  • Out-of-Academy activities
  • Classroom materials
  • Certificate of completion


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Approach of 20 hours duration

650 €

1 week