Nuestros cursos

Specific Courses

Letra Hispánica’s Specific Courses have been developed by professionals and address each student’s learning needs, prompting the acquisition of new contents related to various areas of knowledge and their relationship with the Spanish language.

El quijote

Monographic Course on El Quijote

A deep glance into the literary figure of Don Quixote, its creator, Miguel de Cervantes, and the historical, cultural and creative context in which was conceived the most iconic character of the first novel ever.

Films & The Civil War

Films & The Civil War

Introduction to the evolution of the most important social conflict in Spain’s recent history through the looking glass of the contemporary audiovisual production.

Buñuel, Berlanga, Saura, Almodóvar Y De la Iglesia

Five Spanish Filmmakers

Take a dive into Spanish contemporary culture and history by the hand of five master-class directors: Buñuel, Saura, Berlanga, De la Iglesia, and Almodóvar.

Hispanic poetry in the virtual world

The Digital Avant-Garde

The contemporary poetic production is marked by the new creative spaces and means of expression. With this course, you can take a closer look to them and understand the new outbreaking tendencies.

Movements related to the Avant-Garde

Modern Spanish Literature

Take a tour on the Hispanic Avant-Garde movements and creators, and explore their main works and contributions to the universal literature.

Spanish Politycal System

The Incomplete Transtition to Democracy

Discover the context, evolution and consequences of the most important episode in Spanish recent history, and that have marked its path since then.

Spanish legal system

Legal Spanish

Course aimed to professionals in the field of Law interested in the Spanish legal system, its structure, and the language related to it.

Economy in Spain

Business Spanish

Orientated towards the communicative practice in working environments, this course also provides a highlight on basic concepts related to the field of economy in Spain.

Spanish Sanitary System

Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

Communicating with patients is vital in the medicine field, and this course has been designed to achieve a fulfilling, smooth dialogue between them and the various Heald-Care professionals.

Methodology for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language

Advanced ELE Teaching Methodology Course

Brush-up your techniques and discover the most effective methodologies in the ELE classroom. Meet other teachers and share your knowledge to keep on growing as a Spanish teacher.

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