Letra por letra

Spanish Language Course

The “Letra por Letra” courses are available for all levels and ages, and they are focused on the study of Spanish language and its practice in real situations.

from 1 to 48 weeks
20 sessions (55’) per week
From A1 Level


Spanish language courses of varying duration, from one week to several months, which run all year round. We offer all levels as recognized by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, A1 to C2. The student’s level is ascertained upon arrival at the academy, through a level test. In language and conversation classes, the maximum number of students is 10. 

Classes consists of; 10 hours of grammar class, 5 hours of conversation/use of Spanish, and 5 hours of Workshops, the objective of which is some pleasant and entertaining practice of the language. It is possible to replace some of these classes with either Business Spanish or Spanish Culture.

There are a number of free events organized in the evenings that the students may join in. These include various cultural and leisure out-of-academy activities, as well as screenings at Letra Hispánica. During the weekends, we also propose excursions (round-day and half-day ones) in order to get to know the surrounding area and the Spanish customs and culture. 

Recommended for

  • Students all levels interested in dig into Spanish language

Included in the course

  • Out-of-Academy activities
  • Classroom materials
  • Certificate of completion


Prices valid for the courses and programmes booked during the current academic year.

20 hours per week
1 week
200 €
2 weeks
400 €
3 weeks
600 €
4 weeks
720 €
5 weeks
900 €
6 weeks
1080 €
8 weeks
1440 €
10 weeks
1750 €
12 weeks
1980 €
16 weeks
2640 €
20 weeks
3300 €
28 weeks
3920 €
36 weeks
4860 €
40 weeks
5200 €
50 weeks
5500 €