Letra Hispánica

About Us

Letra Hispánica is a school of Spanish language and cultures, and a center for advanced philological studies. Our academic and cultural offer is directed to all lovers of the wide universe of Hispanic cultures.

Our teaching philosophy is based on the old motto “enseñar deleitando” (“to teach and delight”). We want each student to acquire a theoretical knowledge in the classroom as well as knowledge based on experience in the real world. That is why we promote personal contact with professors, intellectuals, writers and artists, in addition to other students from Salamanca.

We started our pedagogical mission and our labor as ELE teaching center in the year 2000 and we are Accredited by the Instituto Cervantes since 2006. This means Letra Hispánica meets all the requirements posed by the SACIC, which is the only institution entitled to qualify and certify the centers focused on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

The quality seal of the Instituto Cervantes guarantees that Letra Hispánica:

  • Meet certain quality standards in the teaching of Spanish.
  • Meet the legal requirements for carrying out teaching activities.
  • Have adequate teaching resources.
  • Have a properly qualified and trained teaching team.
  • Have a teaching plan guaranteeing satisfactory progress.
  • Advertise only services that are genuinely offered.
  • Set a maximum number of students per class.
  • Issue certificates.
  • Outline course and supplementary services fees clearly.
  • Address complaints.
  • May use the Instituto Cervantes logo.

The Instituto Cervantes every three years required for the extension of accreditation for quality Letra Hispánica as an accredited inspection center.

We offer our students and participants in other programs an individual treatment that attends to any special needs and requests. In addition, we also provide them with the possibility of contracting optional services such as lodging, out-of-academy activities, guided tours, and more, in order to liven up the linguistic immersion experience and make the stay unforgettable. 

Spanish Language & Culture School

School of Spanish Language & Culture / we are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes with more than fifteen years of experience in fulfilling and satisfying the needs of our partners and students.