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Learn spanish with cultural activities in Salamanca

Contemporary Art

Trashumancias Patio Ilustradores

In addition to being a Spanish language school, Letra Hispánica also serves as an exhibition and meeting space for artists. As well as exhibiting their work, the artists hold open conferences where they discuss their work with the students of Letra Hispánica and with the general public.


At Letra Hispánica, we appreciate the difficulties of navigating your way around a new city, particularly when it comes to the daily necessities like post office, pharmacy, phone access, libraries and gyms that have special offers for Letra Hispánica students. Thus, we organize and instruct the student with a practical tour of the city, the ‘need to know’ of Salamanca.

Sweet Things: El hinojal

Coinciding with All Saints Day, Letra Hispánica offers students the chance to visit Salamanca’s most famous bakery; El Honijal, where you will see, smell and of course taste Salamanca’s most delicious pastries made specifically for All Saint’s Day.

Monday of the Waters

The first Monday after Easter is the famous Salamancan celebration, ‘Monday of the Waters’ (Lunes de Aguas,) and Letra Hispánica takes her pupils down to the river Tormes to enjoy the selected food of the day; el hornazo. This is a perfect opportunity to experience a uniquely Salamancan tradition while enjoying the outdoors and the city’s cuisine.

A Spanish Thanksgiving

Since many of our students are American, Letra Hispánica hosts a Spanish Thanksgiving every November 28. It is an opportunity for our American visitors to feel at home and, more importantly, to provide a taste of their culture to our students of various nationalities, as all students, teachers and directors are invited.

The Constitution / 23F by the Witnesses

In order to relive this momentous day in recent Spanish history, Letra Hispánica invites several Spanish citizens who witnessed the events of 23-F to explain to students what life was like in Spain at the time. It is an attemp to relive the history of Spain, first hand, through their testimony.

Tapas Lunch

Tapas, how the Spanish eat, is a must. So, Letra Hispánica offers students the chance to taste some of Salamanca’s finest tapas in her wonderful and varied tapas bars. This is a tasty, fun, informal and above all, very Spanish way to eat.

Hot chocolate with Churros

During the Christmas holiday season, Letra Hispánica invite students to try one of Spain's sweetest pleasures; Chocolate con Churros. In one of the best chocolate cafes in Salamanca, you are invited to come on in out of the cold and warm yourself up.

It's written on the stone

This is a literary tour of Salamanca. Before the tour, students will be given selected texts to read so as to enhance their experience, and appreciate better the stories that the sites tell. The tour includes:

  • The statue of Fray Luís de León.
  • The museum-house of Miguel de Unamuno.
  • The Roman bridge: Lazarillo de Tormes.
  • The garden of Calixto and Melibea.

Letra Hispánica

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