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Business Spanish and Cultural immersion Program in Salamanca, Spain

We tailor our programs according to the individual company's needs.

Apart from the Grammar and Conversation lessons (20 hours, from 9 to 11a.m.) the course includes another 20 hours of a variety of business subjects (from 11am to 13:30).

  • Financial Spanish: fundamentals of financial markets, financial institutions, money and the supply processes, monetary policy and theory, international finance, …
  • Business Spanish: marketing, customer relations, communication strategies, negotiation techniques, time management, etc.
  • Spanish applied to management information systems and technology.
  • Translation: business papers, articles, essays and books.
  • Legal Spanish.
  • Composition.
  • Spanish culture.


Levels: Intermediate and advanced. We monitor the progress of the students testing their individual level through continuous evaluation.

Length of the program: adapted to the individual needs, from 2 weeks to several months.

Target students: Middle managers, executives and CEOs from Companies/Institutions in Europe and America from all industrial sectors.

Lodging: In carefully chosen hotels (various options) or in selected families.

Extra-curricular activities: We have a welcome party and a farewell party. Also, we have “De Copas” Special Night: going out from 12h at night to 3a.m., accompanied by a guide from Letra Hispánica. For those companies/individuals interested in extra-curricular activities, there are different choices such as: Recreo (cultural activities), Cineforum (film cycles, once a week), Letra Magistral (cultural, financial or business weekly conferences).

Excursions: We offer a great variety of thematic trips and one-day excursions: León, Santiago de Compostela, Segovia, Toledo, Ávila, Extremadura, Madrid (visits to the Prado Museum, Reina Sofia, guided tour, etc.) and the neighbouring country of Portugal (Almeida, Guardia, Coimbra).

Expenses will vary depending on the specific program.

Individual tuition

One to one: 30,00 €/hour



  • € 1.300,00

Dates (school period)


  • For groups on demand


    • Jan: 1st
    • March: 29th and 30th
    • April: 23rd
    • May: 1st
    • Jun: 12nd
    • Aug: 15th
    • Oct: 12th
    • Nov: 1st
    • Dec: 6th and 25th

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